the author

intellectual property management services

We aim to serve

the entire spectrum of content creators in the arts and culture sector namely:




Audio-visual artists

Computer programmers/video gamers


Fashion/fabric designers

Sound recording artists,

Visual artists

Performing artists

Broadcasters and craftsmen


About us

THE AUTHOR is a South African based intellectual property management services company in the arts and culture sector trading as THE CONTENT CREATOR in the USA. It aims to provide data analytics services to US small business enterprises in the arts and culture sector interested in licensing content in Africa. It achieves this by conducting ongoing empirical research on this sector and constantly building up its knowledge base on how content creators and owners are managing and commercializing their intellectual property. By aggregating the different laws/policies in this sector, the gross domestic product, and the licensing regimes available on the continent. THE CONTENT CREATOR aims to provides a one stop shop to US small business enterprises venturing into the continent.

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